Demo 2016


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released July 14, 2016

Vocals - Liam Warn
Guitar - Joel Padley
Bass - Alex Della
Drums - Brayden Price

Special thanks to Sean Padley, James Nester, Milan Stanivuk, Kaleb Coe, Maddison Cave, Kayleigh Tolan, Ben Wylie, Alex Taylor, Shaun
Griffiths, Belmont Kebabs, Homewood Rehearsal, Vision Rehearsal, anyone who came to hang out at jam and to anyone who made this demo happen.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alan Smith of BEGERK! Studios

Logo by Thomas Sweetman

Art by Tacm Moscow

Design by Brayden Price



all rights reserved


FACILE Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Wear The Blame
No affection
Neglected generation
Turn your back
Then stick them in the cages

A weight only you should carry
You found a way out
The guilt has been buried

How have they been so easily forgotten
How can you decide
Their lives aren't as important

A chance to plead
(Centuries of being) overlooked
No room in society?

​’Scum on the streets’
Forced to wear the blame
Took their chance
Cast it into the flames
Track Name: No Excuse
Safety ignored
Could not care less
The pain isn’t yours

Abuse of power
Why are the innocent
Still left to cower

I won't stand by, I will fight it
Violence is still violence

Never considered your actions even for a second
You are wrong and it's time you faced it

You try to defend it but there is no excuse
Whose side are you on, time to choose
Track Name: Exclude
Complying to the rules
Game played by fucking fools

Put yourself on a throne
Tell us what can and can't be done

Excuse for addiction
Exclusion, none forgiven

Sick of your judgment
Take your attitude, fucking shove it

Held back by divides you made
Unity is said but never displayed

We try to move forward
You reject to progress

Your one and only pledge
It won't stick until the end

Too busy casting others aside
Unable to let go of your pride

​Crucified by your claim
For the damage caused you should feel ashamed
Track Name: Convict
Worse than those you convict
Infinite damage you inflict

When the eyes are on you and the pressure's on
Will you stand proud or will you turn and run?
Track Name: Distortion
Broadcast of tragedy
Force fed reality
Fear set in you and me

Kept on a short leash
They made sure
You can never leave

No escaping the consumption
Course is set for social disfunction

Media bias
Deluded assumption
Vile invention
Bleeding distortion

Hatred is swelling
Out for blood
Facile views
Never stops

Made them a statistic
Now playing victim
An end to your ego?
​The burning question
Track Name: Modern Man
Modern man
Feels no pain
Lives destroyed
All in vain

Condemned by
Another man
Who chose the prison

Exit is in your grasp
Right in front of you
Fucked your chance

Root of unrest
Rotten bloodline
Problems unaddressed

(Is there) justice
Anything to get your fix
Hunger for power lingers

Wounds still show
Just like them
It crushed you